Q: What is the difference between P2P and web based tracking?

A: P2P is a sms text message system where if you want to know where the vehicle is you simply text the mobile number of the tracking device and it will reply with a link to google maps with the location of you vehicle. In web based tracking you will be provided with a login details for the web application udrivetrack.com where you will be able to see the vehicle on a map and will also be able to track the history of the vehicle up to 1 year.

Q: What is a geofence?

A: A geofence is a GPS boundary that you set by texting the unit, then it will alert you when this boundary has been breached. For example if you have your vehicle parked outside your house you can set a boundary of 10km from that point by simple sending it a text message. Once the vehicle has moved beyond that boundary you will be alerted by a text message from the unit.

Q: What is a tow alarm?

A: A tow alarm is much like a geofence but it works when the ignition is off. When you turn off the ignition no matter where you are after 3 minutes the unit will take that position as the base point and then if the vehicle moves more that 500m with the ignition off it will alert you by text message.

Q: What are the ongoing costs for P2P?

A: At tracking4u we do not charge you a monthly subscription. When you receive the unit it will be preloaded with $20 credit on the Vodafone network this can last up to 1 year depending on how many time you communicate with the unit each text message cost 10 cents. You will be provided with the My Vodafone login details so that you can track how much credit you have used.

Q: What are the ongoing costs for Web tracking?

A: When you receive your GPS unit it will be preloaded with $20 credit on the Vodafone network. The unit will communicate to you via text message costing 10 cents per message but it also sends your location data to an online server for the web application in very small packages. Data is charged at $1 per mb, so on testing with standard use without sending the unit any text messages and it is only talking to the server your credit will last upto 3 months but this will depend allot on how much the vehicle is used and how often it alerts you by sms text message. You will be given the My Vodafone login details with your purchase. When you purchase the unit it will come with 1 year online tracking subscription for free once that has finished you can purchase an additional year for $85 from our website.

Q: How do install the unit?

A: Installation is very straight forward and you will be given all the instructions on how and where to fit including the connections. If you would like a garage or auto tech shop to install the unit it will cost around $50

Q: What stops someone disconnecting the tracker?

A: The tracker is a small device that can be hidden which makes it harder to detect than other products on the market. If the the power is disconnected the tracker will alert you and the battery back-up will allow you to continue to use its functions.

If there any other questions please feel free to contact us via our Facebook help page or email (info@tracking4u.com.au).


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